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Birgit Wilfling

Notary office manager

Birgit Wilfling Notariatsleiterin Scheiber & Partner

Fields of activity

  • Support in the project planning of properties
  • Declarations of division in accordance with §§ 3, 8 WEG for portfolio properties, leaseholds, home and part-ownerships in the planning phase as well as the allocation and justification of special rights of use along with their settlement
  • Joint property arrangements, or in the case of several buildings on one property, creation of sub-communities with special arrangements concerning usage and bearing of costs
  • Base documents for developer contracts including all composition elements
  • Developer contracts
  • Purchase agreements for plots, pre-owned real estate, residential and commercial buildings as well as drafts for leasehold and sub-leasehold agreements
  • Easements for the protection of rights of any kind
  • Registration of mortgages


  • Born in 1966
  • Joined Scheiber & Partner in 1989